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Fried Garlic Slices
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Product: Views:316Fried Garlic Slices 
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Fried garlic chips: they are cut into pieces and dried. Then they are fried with vegetables. They are golden yellow. The taste is not pungent. There is a unique fragrance and can be used as a seasoning. You can also directly make various flavors and use them directly.

They are not only nutritious, but also retain a variety of proteins, amino acids, and allicin that are beneficial to human body. They also remove the spicy taste of garlic, have a clear appetite, and have functions such as appetizers, blood pressure, and Xiaoge Qingkou. .

Without spicy taste and strong garlic taste, it has a unique flavor, the color is golden yellow, people have a strong appetite.

The production process is:

Garlic→ hide→ sorting→ cleaning→ slicing→ spin drying→ drying→ sorting→ rehydration→ spin drying→ frying→ oil scavenging→ coldness→ sorting→ packaging.


Not only have the effect of seasoning, but also have the effect of regulating the stomach and sterilizing and anti-inflammatory. Not only has the effect of seasoning, but also has some effects of regulating the stomach, bactericidal anti-inflammatory.

How to use:

You can also add seasoning when cooking.

Customer: Hello, does your company have garlic slices?

A: Yes, do you need fried garlic slices or dehydrated garlic slices?

Customer: Dehydrated garlic slices.

A: Yes.

Customer: Garlic flakes, exported to Europe, A-level lead, 20 kg carton packaging, including commodity inspection, invoice, the price shipped to Customeringdao Port.

A: There are no special Customeruality reCustomeruirements.

Customer: No, follow the Customeruality standards of your company's export to Europe.

A: Ok, wait a moment, I let the production department calculate the price.